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About Centereach Bible Church

Founded in Selden, NY May 7, 1957 as the Selden Baptist Church.

We moved to Centereach, NY in 1983 as the Centereach Bible Church.

We are an Independent, Fundamental, Non-Denominational Church.

The only authority over us is the Holy Bible (God’s Infallible Word).

We are a congregational-rule church having elders and deacons.

We do not believe that the Pastor/Shepherd has any “dictatorship” rights or power but is under the overseeing of the Elder Board and Congregation – his purpose is spiritual leader, teacher, shepherd of the local body of believers – Titus 1:5

We believe in the eternal security of all believers, which means once you are truly saved you cannot lose your salvation – Eph 4:30

We believe that ALL can be saved, which means we are not a Calvinistic Church nor “Reformed” – John 3:16 (Yet we must be regenerated) John 3:3

We believe that the Church has NOT replaced Israel, which means we do not believe in “Replacement Theology” – We fully stand by Israel as God keeps His promises to her and to us all. – Psalm 122:6

We believe that the rapture, tribulation and 1000 year reign of Christ are future events, which means we are not Preterist in our theology. – Matt 24:21

We believe that difficult times and suffering are part of the Christian life, which means we do not follow the theology of the Word of Faith movement or that of the Prosperity Gospel – John 16:33

We believe our main and only purpose as believers is to preach the Gospel, and build up those in the church to live holy lives, to be lights unto the world, and seek to please God above all else – Mark 16:15 – Rev 4:11

We believe Sin, Satan and Hell are very real. – Eph 6:12

We believe only by trusting in Christ’s good work on the cross and His resurrection that we can be spared Hell. – Titus 3:5

We are a non-Pentecostal Church, which means we do not speak in tongues, or accept that self-proclaimed prophets of God are for today’s dispensation. – 1 Cor. 13

We believe that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh – not less then God. – Matt 1:23

We believe in and look forward to the soon return of Jesus Christ for His bride. – 1 Thes 4:17 – Heb 9:28 – Titus 2:13

We believe that all are sinners and must be made clean by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. – Romans 3:23

We believe in supporting financially worldwide missions – to the Jew first. – Romans 1:16

We believe that the office of Pastor/Elder is for men only. – 1 Cor 14:34-35 – 1 Tim 3:2


Centereach Bible Church has always been self-supported through our members

Our Pastors Through The Years:

Pastor Cummings: May 1957

Pastor White: July 1957 – September 1962

Pastor John Miller: February 1963 – May 1969

Pastor Art Sceviour: June 1969 – January 2005 (Pastor Sceviour is the longest serving Pastor, serving for 36 years)

Pastor Scott Kraniak: January 2005 – Present

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